TEVA Pharmaceuticals Summer Internship Program

We are now recruiting for the 2016 TEVA Pharmaceuticals Internship.

CLICK HERE to download the application. To request a hard copy, email Jeanene Johnson at:

Generous funding from Teva Pharmaceuticals enables The College of Physicians of Philadelphia to offer an internship program. Philadelphia high school students explore the impact of violence on themselves and their communities while building skills and improving their understanding of science and technology.

The program focuses on the following areas: 

  • Learning and applying forensic techniques such as fingerprinting, ballistics, soil sampling, DNA testing, and crime scene investigation
  • Understanding the health system's response to individuals with a traumatic gunshot wounds, including emergency room procedures, rehabilitation, and physical therapy
  • Understanding the body's physiological response to stress and stress relief techniques
  • Filmmaking and video editing
  • Personal health topics such nutrition and sexual health
  • Learning to talk, heal, and build community with peers

What do students gain from the program?

  • A greater understanding of the history of racism/social injustice in Philadelphia.
  • A greater understanding of forensic science, crime scene processing methods and careers in Forensics.
  • A greater understanding of the community stressors that lead to violence.
  • A greater understanding of how others behave when they are stressed, and why.
  • An increased knowledge of how to reduce their own stress and keep themselves healthy, both mentally and physically.
  • An increased understanding of possible careers in healthcare/science and college prep activities.

Read the article Student internship explores crime scene work, technology.

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