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Samuel X Radbill Lecture: Do Children Have a Right to Be Healthy? A Historical Perspective

On average, children in the U.S. are less healthy than children in Western Europe and other nations. Every society pledges to support the growth and development of children, so why are there differences in outcomes? Some have argued that it is a matter of rights—the U.S. is the only country in the world not to sign the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a document largely drafted by U.S. representatives. In fact, there are historical differences among nations that partly account for poorer outcomes of children in the U.S., and there is even some evidence that arguments regarding the “rights” of children have made things worse. Regardless of “rights language,” US society (like our global neighbors) is committed to child welfare, so the key question remains: how can our commitment to children be translated into industry and communities being respectful neighbors? This presentation concludes with a brief answer by imagining the future of value-based care as a way to improve child health at a population level.


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