Oct. 2, 2017

SOLD OUT Drawing Anatomical Anomalies (6-week course)


This intermediate drawing course is a unique opportunity to draw from the Mütter Museum’s collection of anatomical specimens and models. Specimens not currently on display will be specially selected from the Mütter storage vaults. This course operates in the tradition of scientific and artistic confluence; its goal is to cultivate artistic and observational skills through intimate interaction with the Museum’s collection in a small class setting.

Working from direct observation, course members will develop perceptual skills to understand the form and function of the body’s parts and systems. Due to the fragility of the specimens and space restrictions, this is a sketchbook only course. Each class will begin with a brief lecture that will introduce information pertaining to the specimens and will end with a short group critique.

The course will culminate in an online exhibition on the Mütter Museum website.

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Photo Credit: Drawing of skulls by Kara Bohleman

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