Oct. 18, 2017

Philadelphia Public Health Grand Rounds: Preventing Sleep-Related Deaths, a Leading Cause of Post-Neonatal Mortality


Public Health Grand Rounds: Preventing Sleep-Related Deaths, a Leading Cause of Post-Neonatal Mortality

The CDC reports that in 2015, there were about 3,700 sudden unexpected infant deaths in the United States. Based on data from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, there were 177 sleep-related infant deaths in Philadelphia from 2011 to 2015, with the death rate of black infants more than 3 times that of white infants. A large proportion of Philadelphia’s sleep-related infant deaths were associated with modifiable risk factors, such as being put to sleep in an unsafe place (70%) and maternal smoking during pregnancy (40%). This Public Health Grand Rounds will discuss what is known about sleep-related infant deaths and activities in the Philadelphia community to educate parents and reduce these deaths.


This event is presented by The Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicine of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia in coordination with Philadelphia Department of Public Health and Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation.

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