Sept. 23, 2020

Mystery in Memphis: A Puzzling Paradox

Join us for a virtual investigation with ‎Forensic Anthropologist, Bob Mann, live from the bone lab in Hawaii!

In 1990, a heavy-machinery worker excavating soil on the grounds of an old hospital in Memphis, Tennessee breaks a sewer pipe, but keeps on working. On the other side of town, a worker is monitoring trucks as they off-load soil and debris at a landfill when he sees what appears to be a doll tumble out the back of a dump truck. Moving closer, the worker is astonished when he realizes that it's not a doll, but part of a child. Emergency medical services are called to the scene where they recover the body and place it on a sheet. A few minutes later another partial body tumbles out the back of the second truck.

Please join us on September 23 at 5:30PM ET (11:30AM Hawaii time) as we call upon forensic anthropology to uncover this mystery. It's a forensic puzzle with many pieces...

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