October 13 2017

13 secrets we can reveal about Clüb 13…

On this most (in)auspicious of days, we're answering questions about our VIP experience at the upcoming Mischief at the Mütter on October 27: Just what is Clüb 13? Why is it so special? And why do you definitely want to be a part of it? Let us reveal some clues, secrets, and teasers about the menu and the exclusive entertainment on offer…

13 secrets we can reveal about Clüb 13…

1. Clüb 13 is a unique VIP experience based on a real 19th century supper club that dined in the face of superstition…

Thirteen Club 1907 - NY Public Library / Public Domain

2. Grover Cleveland was an honorary member, and now pieces of him are on display in our Museum.

Grover Cleveland's Jaw Tumor

3. There are THIRTEEN dinner courses provided by our event experts Catering by Design. Oh, and they’re going to be amazing. Beetroot Gazpacho anyone…? 

4. …and NY strip steak?

5. …and how about ending the evening with Misfortune cookies? 

6. There will be unique cocktails. One involves black vodka…

7. One is a special creation from our sponsors, Hendricks Gin ('accurate' depiction of Clüb 13 activities below)…

Hendrick's Gin

8. We’re also proudly serving the worst pies in London…

9. … And there will be multiple circus performers. One will be a tough act to swallow (unlike the rest of the exquisite menu, of course).

10. Are you feeling Raven-ous? After filling you with fantastic terrors never felt before, you’ll be hungry…nevermore.

Image: Catering By Design event

11. Clüb 13 is a one-night-only dinner and entertainment event, and is only available on the VIP ticket for Mischief at The Mütter.

Mischief at the Mütter's Clüb 13

12. Tickets include the full Mischief experience (evening museum access, costume party, drinks included) plus two extra hours of Mischief with exclusive dinner and surprise entertainment. Oh, and tickets are limited, so grab them now…

13. …And finally Mütter Museum Members get discount tickets for Clüb 13, along with access to other exclusive events and perks. Don't miss out!

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