April 04 2018

New Civil War Memorial To Be Unveiled in Philadelphia

The Mütter Museum is co-sponsoring the dedication ceremony of the interpretive sign as the latest in a series of annual events commemorating the medical dimension of the Civil War. These events augment the exhibition, Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits: Injury, Death, and Healing in Civil War Philadelphia.

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April 01 2018

Surprising Results From New Scientific Analysis Of The Soap Lady

Here at the Mütter Museum we are proud to be world-renowned for our historically significant collection of medical and pathological specimens. But do you know that our collection is used for pioneering scientific research?

We're thrilled to share the results of a groundbreaking new archeophonemics study into the Soap Lady.

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December 07 2017

Woven Strands: The Art of Human Hair Work at the Mütter Museum

This Winter, the Mütter Museum is unveiling an exhibition of Victorian hair art that is sure to be the "mane event" of the season.

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November 21 2017

Stick with us this Giving Tuesday!

Did you know that becoming a Mütter Member is a great way to support The College of Physicians of Philadelphia? Not only do members get all kinds of cool perks (such as a whole year of free entry to the museum, members-only hours on Saturday mornings, and access to exclusive events), you’re supporting the preservation of our Mütter collections and our educational and public health programs.

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October 13 2017

13 secrets we can reveal about Clüb 13…

On this most (in)auspicious of days, we're answering questions about our VIP experience at the upcoming Mischief at the Mütter on October 27: Just what is Clüb 13? Why is it so special? And why do you definitely want to be a part of it? Let us reveal some clues, secrets, and teasers about the menu and the exclusive entertainment on offer…

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