January 06 2017

Celebrating Teen Health Week at the Mütter Museum

January 9 - 13: From Harrisburg to the Mütter Museum, teens are raising awareness of mental, sexual, and physical health concerns.

On Monday, January 9 2017, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia will be taking a convoy of young Pennsylvanians to the State Capitol in Harrisburg to celebrate the start of Pennsylvania Teen Health Week 2017.

While the institution might be most well-known for preserving medical history through the Mütter Museum, the College of Physicians is also shaping the future of medicine through a robust program of youth outreach initiatives.

PA Teen Health Week 2017 takes place from January 9-13, when young Pennsylvanians wear and share neon green logos across social media, and raise awareness of how teens are affected by diet, violence, self-harm, and mental and sexual health issues. Each day of the week carries a different focus:

To kick-off the week on Monday, teens from the College’s STEM-focused internship programs will meet PA Physician General, Rachel Levine, MD, and other key representatives, in Harrisburg. Together they will highlight and discuss the health and wellness issues experienced by young people today.

Friday the ThirTEENth at the Mütter

PA Teen Health week will wrap up on Friday, January 13, 4-6pm with a special Friday the 13th closing celebration at the Mütter Museum. Teens are invited to attend for free, and adults get in free if they wear lime green. Guests will participate in games to raise awareness of health, along with enjoying full museum access.

Pennsylvania Teen Health week is the first of its kind

This is only the second year for PA Teen Health Week, the first ever statewide health week specifically for teens, after Governor Wolf signed the official proclamation in 2016. The initial idea came from an advisory group of Pennsylvania teens, and has been spearheaded by Laura Offutt, MD, a Fellow of the College of Physicians and founder of The initiative is a collaboration between the College’s Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicine, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and

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