January 20 2016

PA Physician General to Launch Pennsylvania Teen Health Week at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Governor Wolf to Sign Proclamation Supporting Teen Health

The public are invited to attend the launch, for more details and to register click here.

At 4:00 pm on Monday, January 25, 2016 at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Physician General, Rachel Levine, MD, will launch the first-ever Pennsylvania Teen Health Week. Dr. Levine will present a proclamation signed by Governor Wolf supporting this new initiative to promote teen health across the state, an idea that originated with a group of young Pennsylvanians. PA Teen Health Week takes place from January 25-29, 2016, and is a week of raising awareness of the importance of all aspects of health in the teenage population. Topics of focus include diet and exercise, violence, self-harm, and mental and sexual health. Young Pennsylvanians are encouraged to wear lime green and to advocate for their own health and for the health of others in their lives through social media, contests and activities. Robert Sharrar, MD, Chair of the College's Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicine says, "Teen Health Week is an important call for action from adults and healthcare and educational institutions to focus on teen health. The Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the College is proud to support this initiative.”  The initiative has been spearheaded by a member of the Section, Laura Offutt, MD. It has been developed from an initial idea discussed with Pennsylvania teens who were members of a summer advisory board for her online teen health resource, Real Talk with Dr. Offutt. The idea to think bigger and to attempt to formalize the week with a State Proclamation actually came from one of these teens. She says, “It is wonderful for teens to see their idea realized and register how adults do listen and do care.” The Director and CEO of the College, George M. Wohlreich, MD, said, “This initiative shows the College at its best: Bringing people from diverse institutions together to advance the cause of health for all Pennsylvanians.”

The public are invited to attend the launch, for more details and to register click here.

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The College of Physicians of Philadelphia was founded in 1787 by a group of physicians including Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of our nation’s Declaration of Independence. It is not an academic organization, as the name suggests, but a not-for-profit educational and cultural institution with the mission of advancing the cause of health while upholding the ideals and heritage of medicine. The College is world-renowned for its medical history museum, the Mütter Museum. Its Center for Education and Public Initiatives uses the College and Museum collections to encourage young people to consider and understand important public health issues through outreach programs and high school internships. The College’s Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicinebrings together public health professionals from all across the region to study and raise awareness of public health problems currently affecting communities, with regular campaigns and events, including this year’s inaugural PA Teen Health week initiative.

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