June 25 2015

Special Day of Activities for HIV Testing Day 6/27

HIV Testing, a Free Lecture and more, plus free museum access for STAMP pass holders and those who get tested for HIV

HIV Testing and Arts and Education Activities  |  10am –5pm
Free Lecture,  I Know You Are But What Am I?  |  5:15pm
Cocktails in Thomson Gallery  |  6:15pm - 7pm

PHILADELPHIA, PA – On Saturday June 27 the Mütter Museum is inviting the public to participate in a packed day of crafts, entertainment, and education about sexual health issues to draw attention to National HIV Testing Day. Rapid HIV testing will be available at the Mütter Museum from 10am – 5pm, and anyone who gets tested on the day will be given a free pass for the museum.

Philly STAMPpass holders will also get free entry to the museum on the day, and youth from the College’s education programs and outside organizations will be sharing information, arts and crafts activities, refreshments and fun entertainment. The event will round off with a special free lecture, I Know You Are But What Am I? which addresses the ethics of of HIV testing through recent history.

Lance Wahlert, Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania will discuss ethical and historical perspectives on HIV Status, HIV testing, and sexual health within and beyond the LGBT community. The talk begins at 5:15pm and will be followed by a short reception in the Gallery to celebrate the end of the Museum’s Hidden Beauty art exhibit, which will be replaced by a new exhibit, Mind Illuminated, in early July.

Jacqui Bowman, Director of the Center for Education and Public Initiatives, says “HIV is a serious and important issue for young people in our city and elsewhere, and our goal is to take away the stigma of getting tested for the virus by talking about it in a fun and interesting way. Getting an HIV test should be considered a normal part of healthcare for all sexually active individuals. We launched a social media campaign to create a buzz about HIV Testing Day and getting tested for STDs. Sharing facts about HIV with photos from the Mütter collection has had a huge impact on our young followers, and we welcome everyone to come out to join us on June 27 to find out more.”

Activities kick-off at 10am on Saturday June 27. Entry to the museum is free for those with the STAMP pass and to anyone who gets tested for HIV onsite. Click here to sign up for I Know You Are But What Am I (and the evening reception in the gallery).

Click for museum tickets and hours. The Mütter Museum is part of the Access Admission program. Access/EBT cardholders can come for $2 and bring three additional family members for $2 each. Funding for this event has been generously provided by Gilead Sciences and additional support has been given by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Testing services will be provided by Access Matters.

The Mütter Museum helps the public appreciate the mysteries and beauty of the human body while understanding the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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