Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits

Join former museum director, Robert Hicks, in this 9-part miniseries that explores the vital role of people, places, and events in Civil War era Philadelphia. 

"Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits" Part 9: Medical Legacy

In the final episode, host, Robert Hicks, revisits the Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library. Dr. Hicks recounts the unprecedented medical and surgical advancements of the Civil War, from mobile hospitals, ambulances, and nursing to the establishment of medical specialties.

"Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits" Part 8: Illness and Medicines

Episode 8 explores the treatment of specific illnesses, from pharmacies to cupping, vaccination, and the many uses of various medicines.

"Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits" Part 7: Wounds and Surgery

Episode 7 features the famous Thomas Eakins painting, "The Gross Clinic". Historians discuss Gettysburg, Antietam, and the tasks of emergency surgery during battle.

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