Mütter Minute Archive

In this series, a member of the Mütter Museum staff takes a minute to showcase an item from our collection. Click HERE to see the full archive on YouTube!

Mütter Minute: UNBOXING a Mystery Package!

Mütter Museum Curator Anna Dhody unboxes a mystery package…

Malleus Maleficarum: Witchcraft Through The Ages

We explore the historical link between midwifery and witches in the controversial 15th century witch hunting guide, Malleus Maleficarum.

Mütter Minute: Studying Anatomy

In this week's Mütter Minute, our Historical Medical Librarian Beth Lander shows off some historical anatomy books. Dissection classes weren't very common because sourcing cadavers could be difficult…

Mütter Moment: The last word on the Soap Lady

This week, Museum Director Robert Hicks unearths some amazing new data on the Soap Lady.

Mütter Minute: Keeping Fit

This week, in honor of upcoming Teen Health Week, College librarian Beth Lander runs through the first American government-created sex education exhibit.

Mütter Minute: On Monsters and Marvels

This week, museum director Robert Hicks shows us some marvelous illustrations of genetic anomalies.

Mütter Minute: Dyed Heart

This week, in honor of Valentine's Day, museum curator Anna Dhody shows some love to one of our hearts on display.

Mütter Minute: Studying Embryology

This week, College librarian Beth Lander gives us an inside look at the science of embryology in 17th century Italy.

Mütter Minute: Spanish Flu Statistics

This week, museum director Robert Hicks describes the cold hard facts about the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. If you haven't yet, get your flu shot!

Mütter Minute: Lancets and Bloodletting

This week, museum curator Anna Dhody makes some "cutting" remarks about 19th century medical methods for treating illnesses.

The Mütter Museum helps the public appreciate the mysteries and beauty of the human body while understanding the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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