Thin, white ceramic twists forming a circular shape with an ear, against a gray background

Corporeal Manifestations

This exhibit highlighted artists who create traditional ceramic figurative work that explores the psychology of our biological existence. It featured work by a dozen artists interpreting the documentation and display of medical specimens and their conditions in three-dimensional objects from clay.

The work ranged from the strong realism of Tip Toland’s and Christina West’s life-sized figures, to Jason Briggs’s and Jessica Kruetter’s abstract forms that resemble body parts and organs. Roxanne Jackson’s and Kate MacDowell’s sculptures depict realistic anatomical parts that blend with elements from nature, exploring our relationship with and dominance over the natural world. This exhibit represented a new aesthetic exploration for the Museum in its focus on ceramics rather than on the traditional visual arts of paintings, photographs, and medical illustrations.

Curated by Sasha K. Reibstein, MFA, MA, Associate Professor, Head of Ceramics Program, Palomar College