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The Only Winner in War is Medicine: How World War II Spurred Medical Breakthroughs that Saved Countless Lives 

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photo of hurricane plane flying over clouds

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Join surgeon and author , as he reveals how D-Day, Luftwaffe bombing raids, top-secret Liberty ship cargo, and aerial dogfights during the Second World War bequeathed humanity with innovations in surgery, cancer treatment, and trauma care that still serve us today.


The history of medicine is replete with advances made by hard-working, maverick doctors who, through intelligence, serendipity, and perseverance, made astonishing progress against humankind’s deadliest diseases.

Yet this is not how many of our most extraordinary discoveries were made. One thing spurred more medical breakthroughs than any other: war.


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About The Author: 

Andrew Lam, M.D., is a retina surgeon and the award-winning author of four books: Saving Sight, an Amazon bestseller about his surgical career; Two Sons of China, a 2014 Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Award winner; Repentance, a finalist for the Massachusetts Book Award; and The Masters of Medicine, about the greatest medical discoveries in modern times. 

Before attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, he earned a history degree from Yale University. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, and he has been a contributing commentator for PBS Newshour, NPR, and many other media outlets. 

After completing his residency and retina fellowship at Wills Eye Hospital, he joined New England Retina Consultants in Massachusetts and is an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Learn more at 


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