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Postmortem: Mütter Museum Project Kick Off

Purple background with text reading "The Mutter Museum Town Hall"
Purple background with text reading "The Mutter Museum Town Hall"

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5:30pm - 6:30pm

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Come help us imagine the future of the Mütter Museum!

Thank you for your interest in attending the Postmortem Project Town Hall. Our maximum in-person capacity for this event has been reached but we welcome you to join our live stream at 5:30pm by clicking the link to the left. Please note that pre-registration for the in-person event was required and walk-ins will not be permitted. 

Remember this event is the first of many public engagement opportunities. If you are unable to join us in person, there will be more events to come as well as fully virtual feedback sessions.


We are hosting a series of community meetings, workshops, and discussions to gather your input about our collective vision for the Mütter Museum. In addition to hearing from experts in ethics, museology, medical history, disability studies, and institutional genealogy, we want to hear from you—members of the larger Mütter Museum community who love and support this unique organization.

Join us for the kickoff meeting where we will listen to your concerns as well as your ideas for a stronger, more inclusive and relevant museum!

The meeting includes a facilitated discussion and a Q&A session, providing stakeholders the ability to share their views as we work to shape the Museum’s future. Advanced registration is required to attend in person.

The Town Hall event will also be streamed live, no registration is needed to view the program virtually.



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Please Note

This event will be recorded. By attending this event, you are giving your consent for your likeness to be captured on film.


Participation Guidelines 

We look forward to having a meaningful and productive event. To ensure feedback is able to be effectively communicated by attendees and captured by our facilitators, please plan to adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Silence your cell phones and other personal devices upon entering the event space.
  • Please leave the event live streaming to our hard-working staff – we ask that you refrain from streaming video from your personal devices during the event. 
  • Our facilitators will be in charge of maintaining an open, respectful dialogue but we need your help! Be respectful of others around you. Please do not do anything that would obstruct the view of other attendees or prevent them from hearing the dialogue. 
  • We want you to speak from your heart and your mind! So that we can hear from the maximum amount of people, we ask that attendees keep questions and comments to under two minutes.  
  • Passionate participation is encouraged! However, if any attendee becomes disruptive the staff and facilitators reserve the right to ask individuals to leave the event space.  

This event is important to us and we know it is to all of you! Thank you for doing your part to ensure it is a safe, welcoming environment for all attendees and their feedback.