My Favorite Malady

Chimney Sweep's Scrotum & Donating Your Body to (Goth) Science

November 13, 2020


In this fortnight's exciting episode, we talk chimney sweep's scrotum (and a bonus malady, mule spinner's scrotum!), and how you can donate your body to us or other cool places after you die. This week we welcome special guest Rhiannon Watson, forensic toxicologist, formerly of the body farm at *CENSORED*.

We also discuss Swiss-German home invasions, the origins of common everyday expressions, arsenic poultices, bodily autonomy, bonus scrotal trauma, corpse catapults, and a bunch of other things.  

Oh, if you don't normally listen through to the end of these episodes... maybe stick with this one all the way through.

Thanks to Dr. Melissa Dunphy, Dr. Alyson Light, and Dr. George Wohlreich for their help with this episode.