My Favorite Malady

Phossy Jaw & Dr. Robert Galbraith Heath

October 30, 2020


In this fortnight's exciting episode we talk about: Necrosis of the jaw due to phosphorous poisoning, and a controversial 20th-century psychiatrist. Also, playing with matches, heavy metal, glow-in-the-dark poop, not the guitarist from Queen, why Nancy used to smell like egg farts, labor rights, lobotomies, slavery, racism, that which bedevils the days of man, more racism, brain stimulation that isn't ASMR, conversion therapy, even more racism, and JK Rowling. Yet again the Oxford comma plays an important part in that last sentence. 


Special thanks to Dr. George Wohlreich, Dr. Steven Walsh, and Dr. Kenneth Weiss for helping make this episode happen.

Happy Hallowe'en! HONKUS PONKUS!!!