My Favorite Malady

Puerperal Fever & Giant Hogweed Phototoxicity

October 16, 2020


In this fortnight's exciting episode, we talk with special guest Dr. Marcia D. Nichols of the University of Minnesota Rochester about food courts, handwashing, why you would dress a sexy frog in pink taffeta pants, the supernatural power of the female imagination, and why delivering babies when you're covered in cadaver goo is bad for everyone, but mostly the ladies. Nancy tells us all about 14-foot-tall greenish-purple parsnips that burn your skin off, which sounds like an episode of The Outer Limits but is an actual real thing. Also, we discuss catching fish in Animal Crossing, donating your removed body parts to the Mütter Museum, dolphin Starfleet officers, and joining the great William Shatner in our inexorable slide down the garbage chute of biological obsolescence.

Show notes:

Fixing Women by Marcia D. Nichols, Ph.D. (which is not out yet as of this podcast release, but when it is you will be able to find it here):

The Litany Against Fear:

Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner:
(fair warning, the song gets a bit racy in spots)

Our opening and closing themes are Fearless First by Kevin McLeod, used under a Creative Commons license